Hi, I’m Kristi!

I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in the Twin Cities

I Can not wait to meet you and help capture your memories!

Here is my story:

My wedding photographer LOST my wedding photos.  Yup, lost, gone, forever (sob!).  The day I found out this terrible news was the day I realized how incredibly important having photographic memories was to me.  I decided that instead of crying, moping, and feeling sorry downright sorry for myself (ok, well, I did plenty of that too – ha!) I would find a way to beautifully document the rest of our story together.  I became a photographer.

I am fiercely passionate about capturing these precious, important moments of our lives and the lives of my clients because I realize how fleeting they truly are.  The excitement of an engagement, the thrill of a gorgeous wedding day, those first tender moments at home with your newborn baby, your growing family laughing together (including mom!).  When your mind has long forgotten the details of these perfect days a photograph can bring it back like it was yesterday.

I would be thrilled and honored  to capture your most joyous occasions and milestones so you can keep them forever.  Let’s talk soon!  xo, Kristi